Below are the advantages of buying TOPCOAT franchise :

  1. Ability to own a business and coating business in a relatively short period and easy compared to starting your own business from scratch.
  2. Minimum risk of loss, because we have business mentorship that can help solve every problems.
  3. Assisted in terms of branding. One of the greatestthings about owning TOPCOAT franchise is having own business however not running it on your own. That is because franchisor of TOPCOAT gives massive support to its franchisee. The support is not only in terms of developing and setting up the business from start, but it also helps you in every marketing activities and provides you with ongoing assistance for your TOPCOAT business strategies.
  4. Do not need to make a business system, SOPs, deal with consumer, product developer and business developer.
  5. Do not need to improvise or pay a consultant, because every problem can be discussed with the franchisor.
  6. Gaining skill and experience on how a company operates; compared to starting your own business from the beginning.
  7. Franchisee possesses high success rate compared to other business model. Few studies show the indication of high success rate to franchise TOPCOAT compared to other business models.
  8. TOPCOAT franchisor only allows certain amount of franchisee in one region. Then you only have to indicate the specific good location and see the conditions before buying the franchise. On top of that, once you select the location to open the franchise, no other franchisee is allowed to open TOPCOAT in your location.
  9. As a franchisee, you will be given a training program. Training program is the most important from the franchise package, where the franchisor will provide training in the usage of new technology, new skills, finance and staffing. These skills are very important for you as a business owner. If you are interested in opening a TOPCOAT franshice in your city or country, do not hesitate to contact us.
  10. Free Franchise fee.
  11. Free management fee.