Here are some frequently asked questions

1When is the best period to do coating ?

The best period to coat is as early as possible, because the longer the process is postponed the more contaminated the surface pores are.

2How long does the coat last for ?

It depends on the maintenance of the coated surface once it is done. If the maintenance procedures are performed correctly, then TOPCOAT will last between 3-4 years.

3After coating, is maintenance necessary ?

Yes. Maintenance is important to reinstate the ability of oleophobic and gydrophobic to work properly, especially checks and cleaning for light scratches due to cleaning process or unremovable stain. Maintenance can be done once every 6 month - 1year.

4Is coating important ?

Yes. Without coating surface will easily be contaminated and will result in early damage. For example, on a car without coating protection, the paint will easily scratch (let alone with the wrong cleaning techniques), has swirl marks and becomesdull due to UV rays and pollution. With the protection of TOPCOAT, all risks stated above will be freed from the car paint. Sapphire Serum Coating becomes a crucial matter for cars, due to most car salon has a side effect. The side effect is the way they polish the car by scraping of the original paint of the car.

5How to take care of a vehicle that has been coated ?

Just by washing and dry when it is dirty. Avoid letting the car dry on its own. Use microfiber towel to dry the car and lastly do not let the car be dirty for more than 2 days.

6Will mold still reappear eventhough vehicle have been coated ?

Layer of coats give better protection towards mold that usually appears due to water or gumtree that fall off the paint surface. It is because coating has the slippery effect.

7What is the difference between wax, sealant and coating ?

• Wax : consists of base natural material like carnauba and few other natural oils (paste shaped), because it is almost impossible to make carnauba in the form of liquid. Carnauba is generated from a tree in Brazil that looks like palm tree and it is usually called life tree. Car enthusiast loves carnauba, it is because it creates shinning glow. The downside of carnauba wax is its durability. It only lasts 4- 8 weeks as a paint protection. Carnauba wax will wear off quicker in hot, wet and polluted environment. Wax is a temporary material and it will wear off with a few washing processes.

• Sealant : consists of synthetic base material, in the shape of paste/thick liquid/watery liquid. Sealant is a synthetic form of carnauba, produced as a solution due to the limit of carnauba raw materials and also to create long lasting durability. Materials from sealant are Polimer (polyamino siloxane or polyethylene acrylic polymers) and resinous. Sealant is a temporary material, with a few washing processes, sealant will wear off. Sealant coats vehicle paint in a shinning transparent form. The durability of sealant is 2 times longer than wax, around 8-16 weeks to protect paint from UV rays and polluted air. Sealant is water resistance or water sheetin.

• Coating : or usually called paint protection is synthetic raw materials produced to cling permanently to paint surface for protection. Called permanent, because it will not wear off unless it is removed on purpose or destroyed. Coating is the combination of wax and sealant with the silicon raw materials with nano technology that was designed permanently. Coating can be removed with water unless it is removed by repolished or solvent liquid. This product is designed to last 1-2 years, acting as water resistance (hydrophobic) and anti abrasion material. Coating also has the character of permanent protection and gives wet finishing look so it is easier to clean and longer lasting. Coating can also boost the original colour, protect against scratches and marks. It has shiny effect and durability, which will reduce watermarks and fingerprints. It has anti-corosive and other chemicals reaction. It protects against the UV, heat and extreme weather. At the moment there are a lot of different coating products in the market with nano ceramic with low quality and not durable.

• Coating TOPCOAT is a coating that utilizes sapphire silicon material that is almost perfect. TOPCOAT coating consists of sapphire serum that can last at least 2-3 years, has permanent characteristic, and easy washing process with just clean water. Other than that, TOPCOAT also has the characteristic of excellent water beading with an end result like mirror and solid to give a protection from impact. Majority of coating product has its competitive edge, some of them are more focused on its durability, and there are also some that are more focused of end result. However, TOPCOAT can provide all of the above.

8How long vehicle can be used after coating ?

After the application of sapphire serum coating, 2 hours later coats will dry eventhough it is exposed by rainwater or heat from the sun, it will not change the structure of TOPCOAT coating. But, do not wash vehicle with shampoo for the first 3 days. After 3 days, the level of sapphire hardness will achieve 9H+ 5Mohs.