TOPCOAT is a Sapphire Serum product that was constructed with the latest innovation through a nano technology process to provide maximal protection solution. This product aims to give protection, long lasting usage, easy maintenance and increased selling value.

With Sapphire Serum materials, TOPCOAT has great deal of benefits, such as :

Hardness 9H+ 5Mohs

This coating went through a standard hardness test ASTM D3363 and JIS K-5600-5-4, which is a standard friction test to determine the level of hardness to coat paint.

Super Oleophobic

Coated surface will not be easily tacked with fuel/oil, dirt (bird feaces or gum tree), mud and dust. Super Oleophobic is an extra protection coating that has a maximum endurance from scratch compared to ordinary coating.

Superior Hydrophobic

Coated surface will be water resistance; all form of fluids will roll down from the surface so it will always be free from it.

Mirror Finishing Effect

Extreme shine protection from TOPCOAT will make all vehicles look polished and brand new.

Endurance towards rain and extreme heat up tp 700°C
Rust and corrosive prevention
Endurance from washing up to 1000x
Paint stability
More scratch resistant
Endurance from UV rays
Easy Cleaning

The surface doesn't so dirty, so the cleaning process will able so easily

Self Cleaning

Able to remove dirt and water that sticks


The Nano particles will lock all surface pores so it has permanent characteristic

Minimum Maintenance

The Dirt and water unsticky to the surface so the maintenance and cleaning would able so easily

Easy Application

Topcoat was constructed with advanced technology that makes application process easy, which will lead to maximum result.

Anti Grafiti

Creating a surface, that able to drive out the graffiti from paint, ink or permanent marker

German Technology
Fire resistance

All TOPCOAT products were tested and certified by SGS. SGS is a number 1 in the world testing association that is acknowledeged and certified.